First of all:
BE PATIENT WITH THE ADMINS! The admins are playing the game as you are, so dont go on a rant if we dont respond within seconds(especially HydroxTV,he might be recording for Youtube)
All rules apply to Teamspeak as well(especially the behavior ones)!

PvE and PvP:

If you dont want to be killed by PvP players u have to change your Steamname and flag it with [PvE] after that u MAY not get killed(u cant turn it off 100% right now),
if you get killed and looted tell the admins and they will help you to restore your stuff, if there is none online,wait for them :)

Admins on this server are:
- HydroxTV on Youtube
- Curbolt [HTV]

Shelters created by players may NOT get destroyed. You may destroy their doors/dig a tunnel to raid them though! (100% Banreason)
Do not set up keystones in enemy bases !(100% Banreason)
Do not fill a base with any type of blocks, mines, water, watever ! (100% Banreason)

Do not use glitches, hacks or any kind of cheats ! (100% Banreason)
Be friendly in chat, no insults, threats, excessive flaming or something like this ! (Warnings)
Arguing with Admins is okay, but if they say "its enough,stop it now" you may follow their order. (Warnings)
No excessive swearing(Warnings)
NO RACISM AT ALL, NOT EVEN FUNNY JOKES! (You will get banned for it and not lifted AT ALL)(100% Banreason)