Extended Mod Installer 3.1 released

19:26 13.07.2015 | Posted by Curbolt [HTV] | 

The Extended Mod Installer 3.1 has been released:

New feature: Auto Updater (Shows a Button if an update is available)

New Mod Installer available

20:20 11.07.2015 | Posted by Curbolt [HTV] | 

Download in the Serverlist category


21:18 30.06.2015 | Posted by HydroxTV on YOUTUBE | 

Hello guys, today I have been working a little more on the website and now the SERVERLIST is "asking" the server if the servers are up or not. So whenever you take a look at the Serverlist you will see that the server is up and running or it is down(for whatever reason :D)

I hope you like the new feature :)

How to survive day / week 1 2of2

16:34 29.06.2015 | Posted by HydroxTV on YOUTUBE | 

How to survive day/week 1 1of2

16:33 29.06.2015 | Posted by HydroxTV on YOUTUBE | 

Where do they all come from?

23:25 27.06.2015 | Posted by HydroxTV on YOUTUBE | 

Holy shit this episode was hard. I really fought and fought... and they kept swarming me!

I dont understand how sitracting works

23:24 27.06.2015 | Posted by HydroxTV on YOUTUBE | 

I have finished the game by now and still dont understand it...


20:59 26.06.2015 | Posted by HydroxTV on YOUTUBE | 

Alma didnt show up for a whole episode(#05) after she made me shit my pants. Is she the one scared now?